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11 October 2008 @ 01:23 am
Hiatus...?Dead? Should we...call time of death? No no no. Nope. Wrangling time.  
Wow, okay so this place is...dead? I'm beginning to feel like I've lost ya as a friend m_buggie. Just noticing how nothing has been commented upon and no prods have been dagged my way as far as writing. Fuck I've had so many good ideas! Composition I class is whats doing this. I'm just BARELY struggling through college. I have two papers due tuesday as is, my comments are both half written although that 59% I made on my previous comp. writing paper due to stupid shit doesn't help esteem, but then again college isn't for pussies so I'll just have to keep trying.

I hope to GOD I can make one ginormous art/writing post here soon SERIOUSLY. I know I keep saying that, but trust me. I'm still in this 100% and we've garnished some fans on campus. Its been called 'one of the most wicked animated storyline plots heard of' and guess what? I live in Harrod/Horrid/IgorHarold Hall, a known artists hive. The people I know here are AMAZING, finding kids who are intelligent and pretty enlightened again is like not even living in AR. I love it and they have loved the entire series idea as a whole. Only thing I see as a hamper would be how much writing is being done per episode. Not that I mind no, but I'll bet that if we didn't do this much, we'd be on a forth installment at least and I'd be polishing out graphic storyline pages. I can do that now---I have learned how. Oh yes.

It is serious food for thought. If I have to stop everything to post some of the latest P.A layout work--I WILL. I will dig out my scanner and hook it to this laptop. I finally worked out a lot of the imperfections in my work. This living with artists thing is the good and awesome kind of hell where I'm reigning as a sadistic henchman and doing all of the owning.

Also if you must know--I haven't played games including "wow", since school began. Sad but true, I don't have time for it.

I miss this all terribly.
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