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17 August 2009 @ 06:25 pm
Oh my dear darlings, my precious Headquarters, my first and most hallowed of comms...how I've missed thee! It's been ages, hasn't it? Life's pulled us all in different directions but the time for re-converging, for gathering and displaying what new information and ideas we've fabricated, is upon us now.
There is so much work to be done.
I've been doing massive amounts of thinking, starting with something as simple as the location of Shadow Sector Headquarters itself. I propose that we move it out of the city and into some nondescript area northward, perhaps a place called Nowhere? That would require us to rename Nowhere the City, possibly, but I've been playing around with the idea of calling the city something different. New New York City? Neo York City? Five Points? Or maybe we should just stick with New York City? Again, I don't know...but I encourage discussion about this! Actually, now that I think about it, I kind of like the sound of Five Points City because that's a nod towards both the physical geography of the place (still keeping the islands, you know? don't know how to pull that off but we'll think of something) and a reference to the notorious Five Points ghetto that existed in NYC's earlier days.
Because, really, upon second thought it'd be kind of ridiculous to expect the denizens of that metropolis to not notice all the paramilitary activity going on. It's a cool concept but it just kind of makes more sense to move the HQ into some wooded area in Westchester County, north of Yonkers, where you can pull that kind of shit off and no one gives a crap because you own everything in a twenty mile radius of your fancy-ass compound. Also, that would give our boys a certain degree more freedom to roam about Five Points City (see, I like how that looks) without too much fear of the Shadow Sector.
Also, I was contemplating dropping Morgan's age by a year and upping Seven's by one. Just because, that seems to suit them better for some reason. Am I the only one who thinks so?
Anyway, hopefully this will be the first of many new posts and many new discussions. I've missed this world so much. I've had a blast playing in other sandboxes, also of my making, but this one feels like home. May the autumn of '09 be our best season yet.

Long Live Project Arcana.

(and in St. Bastard we still trust)
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04 June 2009 @ 11:07 pm

Wow, we really are on hiatus. Regardless, I bring you some art.

Origins Series: Morgan. (contains tabitha and tiger doll, do not consume if you are allergic )Collapse )

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03 January 2009 @ 05:18 am

Project Arcana- Bloody Book by *kilderok on deviantART

I come forth, with bearings of pictoral representation. N'joy responsibly.
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Wow, okay so this place is...dead? I'm beginning to feel like I've lost ya as a friend m_buggie. Just noticing how nothing has been commented upon and no prods have been dagged my way as far as writing. Fuck I've had so many good ideas! Composition I class is whats doing this. I'm just BARELY struggling through college. I have two papers due tuesday as is, my comments are both half written although that 59% I made on my previous comp. writing paper due to stupid shit doesn't help esteem, but then again college isn't for pussies so I'll just have to keep trying.

I hope to GOD I can make one ginormous art/writing post here soon SERIOUSLY. I know I keep saying that, but trust me. I'm still in this 100% and we've garnished some fans on campus. Its been called 'one of the most wicked animated storyline plots heard of' and guess what? I live in Harrod/Horrid/IgorHarold Hall, a known artists hive. The people I know here are AMAZING, finding kids who are intelligent and pretty enlightened again is like not even living in AR. I love it and they have loved the entire series idea as a whole. Only thing I see as a hamper would be how much writing is being done per episode. Not that I mind no, but I'll bet that if we didn't do this much, we'd be on a forth installment at least and I'd be polishing out graphic storyline pages. I can do that now---I have learned how. Oh yes.

It is serious food for thought. If I have to stop everything to post some of the latest P.A layout work--I WILL. I will dig out my scanner and hook it to this laptop. I finally worked out a lot of the imperfections in my work. This living with artists thing is the good and awesome kind of hell where I'm reigning as a sadistic henchman and doing all of the owning.

Also if you must know--I haven't played games including "wow", since school began. Sad but true, I don't have time for it.

I miss this all terribly.
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25 March 2004 @ 09:21 am
Sorry I've been so inactive lately but you know why. And thats just nicking the iceberg on the noggin. I haven't gotten a chance to finish this huge pile of P.A art I did due to having to do artwork for some extra cash. Also, carrying 1000.00 bucks around on your person is totally unnerving. I've been in attack mode ever since I pulled it out, and I really should go open up an account here.

So anyways, thats whats new on my front aside from being shrieked awake by a baby every night.

College ain't going too well. I blow on our first assignment and I've already ruined eight bucks worth of foam board. Yay spending money! On op of that, hurricane Gus should be here tomorrow night (monday night). We're to expect 50-70 MPH sustained winds, torrential rain, and possible tornadoes---if it doesn't strengthen from a cat 3 that is. If cat. 3 flies up the scale I'll probably be typing to our dear comm from a boat made of corpses. LOL

Anyhoo, wanted to update ya'll. You need "Nutshell" by Alice in Chains if you don't have it already because this song IS Project. Pinky promise. Its up there alongside Boulevard and Zombie. I just don't have a fileshare yet. Its my page song on myspace if you're brave enough though.

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26 August 2008 @ 10:51 am
An LJ buddy, theartisan7 just pointed this out to me:

Future wars 'to be fought with mind drugs' Future wars could see opponents attacking each other's minds, according to a report for the US military.

By Jon Swaine
Last Updated: 6:22PM BST 14 Aug 2008

It is thought that some US soldiers are already taking drugs prescribed for narcolepsy in an attempt to combat fatigue Photo: EPA
Landmines releasing brain-altering chemicals, scanners reading soldiers' minds and devices boosting eyesight and hearing could all one figure in arsenals, suggests the study.

Sophisticated drugs, designed for dementia patients but also allowing troops to stay awake and alert for several days are expected to be developed, according to the report. It is thought that some US soldiers are already taking drugs prescribed for narcolepsy in an attempt to combat fatigue.

As well as those physically and mentally boosting one's own troops, substances could also be developed to deplete an opponents' forces, it says.

"How can we disrupt the enemy's motivation to fight?" It asks. "Is there a way to make the enemy obey our commands?" Research shows that "drugs can be utilized to achieve abnormal, diseased, or disordered psychology" among one's enemy, it concludes.

Research is particularly encouraging in the area of functional neuroimaging, or understanding the relationships between brain activity and actions, the report says, raising hopes that scanners able to read the intentions or memories of soldiers could soon be developed.

Some military chiefs and law enforcement officials hope that a new generation of polygraphs, or lie detectors, which spot lie-telling by observing changes in brain activity, can be built.

"Pharmacological landmines," which release drugs to incapacitate soldiers upon their contact with them, could also be developed, according to the report's authors.

The report, which was commissioned by the Defense Intelligence Agency, contained the work of scientists asked to examine how better understanding of how the human mind works was likely to affect the development of technology.

It finds that "great progress has been made" in neuroscience over the last decade, and that continuing advances offered the prospect of a dramatic impact on military equipment and the way in which wars are fought.

It also explains that the concept of torture could be transformed in the future. "It is possible that some day there could be a technique developed to extract information from a prisoner that does not have any lasting side effects," it states. One technique being developed involves the delivery of electrical pulses into a suspect's brain and delay their ability to lie by interfering with its neurons.

Research into "distributed human-machine systems", including robots and military hardware controlled by an operator's mind, is another particular area for optimism among researchers, according to the report. It says significant progress has already been made and that prospects for use of the field are "limited only by the creative imagination."

Jonathan Moreno, a bioethicist and the author of 'Mind Wars: Brain Research and National Defense', said "It's too early to know which, if any, of these technologies is going to be practical. But it's important for us to get ahead of the curve. Soldiers are always on the cutting edge of new technologies.

How crazy is that? I'll see if I can get the article link from her. Dude. DUDE. Fucking crazy. Discussion required, yes?
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17 August 2008 @ 11:56 am
I woke up this morning and got myself a gun and had the strangest idea pop into my head: what if one of Caroline's modifications involved nematocysts or something? The the agent called The Lovers could kill a person with a kiss. But maybe it requires the addiction of a chemical found in her lipstick to work? Or something. I don't know, I just woke up and wanted to blurt that out. Just a thought.
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06 August 2008 @ 12:25 pm
Dude, I just had the most random thought ever: what if the wheels on Shinigami weren't wheels but spheres? Do you know what I mean? Do you see where I'm going with this? Ball bearings or something. What do you think?
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06 August 2008 @ 05:20 pm


How in the WORLD do you upload musica to LJ?

You need the song "The Red Room" by Shining. <---This song RIGHT here riyachan and I decided should be the song for the cumshot scene in Noli, OR a Marquis torturing scene. Because holy SHIT is this saxophone going crazy along with the crazy drums and bass guitar. :O :O :O

And, why haven't we added "My Immortal" by those ball-imbibers "Evanescence"? I hate them as much as the next person, but this I remembered, is the only song I can tolerate by them. It is a -GOOD-, in fact -THE- only good song I've heard by them. Although her voice still makes me go "e____e"!!!! occasionally worse than that guy Yoko Onno. Amy Lee: STOP WAILING. Gain some tone to your --good-- voice. It is good, you just need to put a goddamn leash on that thing or take some seizure medicine, so you don't end up annoying peoples ears.



I'll probably post the lineart in this post later, for the recently completed Morgan/Mommy Morgan pic. Adding to the pile of stuff I'm working on! Clappy.

((I've probably said this before but------Morgan song if there ever was one: "Scream of the Butterfly"!!!!!!!!! O_o Get it NOW if you don't have it mich. Acid Bath. Scream of the Butterfly. ))
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29 July 2008 @ 11:29 am
Just a few thoughts:

On Nowhere and America in General - I know we've discussed this in passing before but I'd really like to take the tone somewhere between the Wild West and Gotham City. Does that make sense? I hope it does. Because after World War III the country got thrown back a ways and the only era I can think of with the right levels of lawlessness/individual struggle would be the West or possibly the dawn of Industrialism. I don't know. History's been buzzing through my mind and I'm drawing from inspiration; but please feel free to remind me that we're tackling the future in this, not the past. I don't know, as with all things, this requires further discussion.
As for Nowhere, I'm thinking of changing its history a little. In the original draft of how Nowhere came to be, New York City said, "to hell with you," and split off on its own. I'm not sure if that's plausible anymore. I mean, I like the idea of it but the finances for that kind of a project are just too astronomical for it to be realistic. So that leaves us with natural disaster, enemy artillery, or other things we haven't thought of yet. Or possibly a combination? Perhaps it happened over the course of two decades and not all at once? Bit by bit the city was cut off until it became its own archipelago? We'll see.

On the Majors - You know, we really ought to put our heads together and come up with a comprehensive list of the Major agents (or the ones we've got on record, in any case) and detail the modification/enhancements that Dr. French gave them. Obviously we're not going to get every Major with Project Arcana since only about half of them have been so much as alluded to in the material but we should plot stuff out for the folks we do have stats for. I already have basic dossiers for Hina (Judgment), Dahlia (Death), Seven (The Chariot), Yoshimo (The Devil), Morgan (The Magician), Igor (Justice), Edward (The Hierophant), Nick (The Sun), Shinji (The Moon), Jacob (Strength), Caroline (The Lovers), Molly (The Tower), Bob (The Hanged Man), Lex (The High Priestess), and Caleb (The Hermit). I should post those at some point, shouldn't I?
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